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@orangewolf orangewolf released this 19 Jan 20:06

This is our first release in over a year. We are increasing the major version do to the user elevation being a breaking change for Hyku consumers who have local (non-sso) based user logins. We don't anticipate this being a massive effort to migrate users, but want to signal clearly to folks that it is something that needs to be done. There are lots of notable features below and our hope is that the next few releases will focus on being smaller, more incremental feature releases and bug fixes.


Theming Improvements

  • Customizable CSS in interface
  • More individual colors
  • Font selection tool
  • Ability to set the default images and logos on a per tenant basis from within the UI

Bulkrax Import and Export

  • Optional dependency behind feature flipper
  • Connected to Browse Everything
  • Status dashboard and individual tenant user self service

Contact page customizable email per tenant

Upgrade to Hyrax 2.9.1, Rails 5.2, Ruby 2.7, removed now redundant code

User management improvements, including elevating the users site wide

  • User management available as superuser
  • Users do not need to register for each tenant enabling Single Sign On functionality
  • Roles remain per tenant
  • Stepping stone to a more comprehensive and solid permissions structure site wide
  • This is a breaking change for anyone with users in individual tenants as those user accounts will need to be migrated out to the 'public' users table before an upgrade to Hyku 3.0. No migration is provided at this time due to no one having a case for it. If you do need help with a migration path for users, please contact us.

Background jobs to automatic embargo release

Local docker development speed improvements using volume caches

Helm chart kubernetes deployment for Hyku

Collection thumbnail path fixes

This release is identical to Pre-release 2 only the version number has been changed to protect the innocent.