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Install Plugin

mvim use vim-plug for Plugin Manager.

to install plugin, please run



On Normal Mode, some key map added.

Quick Switch

Key Map Description
<Backspace> C-w W To Previous Window
<Tab> C-w w To Next Window
<Ctrl+j> :bprevious<CR> To Previous Buffer
<Ctrl+k> :bnext<CR> To Next Buffer
<Ctrl+h> :tabprevious<CR> To Previous TabPage
<Ctrl+l> :tabnext<CR> To Next TabPage

Window Resize

Key Map
<S-Down> <C-w>-
<S-Up> <C-w>+
<S-Left> <C-w><
<S-Right> <C-w>>

Please read doc/feature for more key binding,

Or read tool-svim-core/


Core Plugin

Vendor Plugin

Color Scheme Plugin

Enhance Version

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