A joke program that will replace all vowels with "O" on a given input.
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Gommoize is a simple little program that was written as a joke. It started with my house mate's girlfriend's name: Gemma. The joke is to call everyone by their name, but replace every vowel with the letter "O". Hence, Gommo.


To install, make the bin/gommoize file executable like so:

$ chmod +x bin/gommoize

And put it in a folder that is in your path. This can be achieved by doing:

$ sudo cp ./bin/gommoize /usr/bin/gommoize

Or something like that. I personally keep a folder in my home directory called "scripts" and put that into my path in my .bashrc file and symlink to scripts from there but whatever works best for you.


Usage is very simple. You can either pipe something into gommoize, like so:

$ cat somefile.txt | gommoize

Or you can pass it a string as an argument:

$ gommoize "Gemma"

And whatever was passed in will simply return the content with all vowels replaced with the letter "O".