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This library implements a Python client for the Pwinty photo printing API. to make things a little more "Pythonic" all attributes are avalible in CamelCase as well as their original under_score notation.


  • This has only been tested on Python 2.7, it will probably work on 2.6+. It does not currently support Python 3.

  • The requests library


It can be installed using PIP from PyPi:

> pip install pwinty

Placing an order

Import pwinty and set your API Key and Merchent ID:

import pwinty
pwinty.apikey = "xxxxxxx"
pwinty.merchantid = "xxxxxxx"

Create an Order:

order = pwinty.Order.create(
    recipient_name =         	'Mr Jones',
    address_1 =              	'The Hollies',
    address_2 =              	'',
    address_town_or_city =   	'Cardiff',
    state_or_county =        	'Glamorgan',
    postal_or_zip_code =     	'CF11 1AX',
    destination_country_code =	'GB',
    country_code =           	'GB',
    qualityLevel =           	'Pro'

Add photos to the order:

photo =
    type =   	'8x12',
    url =    	'',
    md5Hash =	'79054025255fb1a26e4bc422aef54eb4',
    copies = 	'2',
    sizing = 	'Crop'

Check the order is valid:

order_status = order.get_submission_status()
if not order_status.is_valid:
	print "Invalid Order"

Submit the order:


Retrieving a previous order

You can retrieve a previous order and check its status like so:

order = pwinty.Order.get(8765)
if order.status == 'Complete':
	print "Order has dispatched"