The TwentyTen theme for WordPress ported to a MediaWiki skin.
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TwentyTen WordPress theme for MediaWiki

This is a port of the TwentyTen WordPress theme to MediaWiki.


  1. Copy the files to the 'skins' directory of your MediaWiki install.

  2. In LocalSettings.php set the following variables (they can be either relative or full URLs):

    $wgLogo             = "";
    $wgTwentytenHeader  = "$wgStylePath/twentyten/resources/twentyten/headers/fern.jpg";

    The header image should be 940 pixels wide.

  3. Then edit Mediawiki:Sidebar and add the 'MENUBAR', 'PAGETOC', and 'LOGO' sections. A complete example sidebar with these added might look like the following:

    ** mainpage|mainpage
    ** aboutpage|about
    ** Contact|Contact
    * LOGO
    * navigation
    ** portal-url|portal
    ** helppage|help
    ** recentchanges-url|recentchanges
    ** randompage-url|randompage

    You can rearrange or delete any parts of Sidebar that you wish, but there does need to be some content or MediaWiki will give you default Navigation and Search sections. Note also that if you remove the PAGETOC section, no ToC will be shown for any page.

    The toolbox section does not need to be kept, because it's moved to one of the columns in the footer.

  4. Please report any problems or suggestions via Phabricator:


Version 2 of the GNU General Public License (as are MediaWiki and WordPress).


All the files in resources/twentyten/ are direct unmodified copies from the WordPress theme.