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It seems like image formatting is ignored, for example, the following should show a thumbnail on the default (left) side of the text, however the image is shown above the text, and not beside it:

[[Image:image.jpg|thumb|"Image text"]]

Similarly, if the image contains the "right" tag, like below, the image should be shown beside the text on the right side instead of the left side, but it is still displayed above the text rather than as part of it.

[[Image:image.jpg|thumb|right|"Image text"]]

Is this something that could be corrected, since this and the table-problem are a little annoying in this otherwise great theme-port.


Okay, I've added that CSS. There seems to be some problem with resizing frame'd images; it's nothing to do with any skin.


Great, I've just come home and uploaded the new css file and checked a few pages where there are images and it seems to work fine as far as I can tell right now. Thanks a lot.

@ghost ghost closed this Apr 13, 2011
@ghost ghost reopened this Apr 18, 2011

Sorrry there, was a bit too quick to close this, I noticed that while the formatting is fixed when using "thumb" it is not fixed for ordinary pictures, i.e.

[[Bild:Freyr_art.jpg|thumb|right|Den här bilden från 1800-talet visar Frej med sin galt och svärd.]]

will align the image to the right, and wrap the text around it, however

[[Bild:Freyr_art.jpg|right|Den här bilden från 1800-talet visar Frej med sin galt och svärd.]]

will still ignore the "right"-tag and align the image at the left hand side of the page (and not wrap text around it, altough that may be intentional)

No big issue since thumbs work but I just thought I'd mention it.

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