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MediaWiki extension for backing up and producing printable trees and books from data, using GraphViz and LaTeX.

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Printable WeRelate

This is a MediaWiki extension for backing up genealogical data from the collaborative wiki-based genealogy site, and building

  1. a GraphViz-generated family tree; and
  2. a LaTex-formatted book compilation of all data,

both suitable for printing.

Please note that the code here is not brilliant, but it serves its purpose well enough for now. If you find any problems, please lodge a bug report on GitHub: or come along to and let us know that you're using this extension.

The main reason for refactoring this as an extension (in April 2013) was to be able to use a MediaWiki installation basically as a caching device, to better separate the syncronisation process form the tree- and book-generation process.


  • MediaWiki (and its requirements)
  • PHP with SimpleXML.
  • GraphViz (i.e. the dot command).
  • LaTeX (i.e. the pdflatex command) with fontenc and url packages.


As usual for MediaWiki extensions: move to the extensions directory, and put the following in LocalSettings.php:

require_once "$IP/extensions/PrintableWeRelate/PrintableWeRelate.php";

You can also set the following options:

$wgPrintableWeRelate_PdflatexCmd = '/path/to/pdflatex';

If PDF generation is failing, you may need to increase the value of $wgMaxShellMemory.



Add a element on any wiki page, and point sync.php to it:

php extensions/PrintableWeRelate/sync.php --page User:Someone/sync

This will download all required data (including uploaded files) from


Then, click the download link that is shown on the page with the element.


To discuss ideas about how to improve this script, head over to


This script is licenced under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Do remember, though, that the data in WeRelate is under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported).

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