MediaWiki extension for backing up and producing printable trees and books from data, using GraphViz and LaTeX.
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Printable WeRelate

This is small PHP script for extracting data from the collaborative wiki-based genealogy site and building

  1. a GraphViz-generated family tree; and
  2. a LaTex-formatted book compilation of all people

both suitable for printing.

Please note that the code here is not brilliant, but it serves its purpose well enough for now. If you find any problems, please lodge a bug report on GitHub:


  • PHP with cURL and SimpleXML.
  • GraphViz (i.e. the dot command).
  • LaTeX (i.e. the pdflatex command) with fontenc and url packages.

Configuration Files

ancestors.txt and descendents.txt

Simple text files listing the root nodes of the tree. People listed in the former will have all of their ancestors included in the tree, and the latter, all their descendents. There should be one name per line, with the names matching what is shown at the top of 'Person' pages on WeRelate with the prefix removed. For example: "William Munday (1)" rather than "Person:William Munday (1)".

Lines in these files can be commented out with a # character at the start of the line.


Contents of this file are appended to the final generated tree, as a means to add people who are still living and so not on WeRelate. Do not include the full graph syntax, but only the body. Check the generated graph for node names, to tie nodes in extras.gv into the rest.


Create at least one of the above configuration files, and then run:

php printable-werelate.php

(And then complain on GitHub when something goes wrong!)

Three directories will be created in the script's directory: tree, book, and cache. The first two contain the tree and book formats, and the latter keeps the cached pages for future invocations of the script.


To discuss ideas about how to improve this script, head over to


This script is licenced under version 3 of the GNU General Public License. Do remember, though, that the data in WeRelate is under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License 3.0 (Unported).