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This CLI tool helps to download WWDC videos and PDF easily.

And is totally built with Swift 3 Swift 4 scripts!

This started as a quick hack at 4am. Read more.

Works for WWDC 2018, all the way to WWDC 2014.

Setup youtube-dl

Since WWDC 2017, the streams are in HLS. youtube-dl is used to conveniently download HLS streams (if you know the Swift way to download HLS, let me know)!

Install youtube-dl:

sudo curl -L -o /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl
sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/youtube-dl

youtube-dl have the added benefits such as resuming downloads.


# Download all PDFs
./wwdc-dl -a --pdfonly

# Download for specific session
./wwdc-dl -s 102,402

By default, the script will download the SD video and PDF in your ~/Documents/WWDC-2016.

Advanced Usage

# HD video
./wwdc-dl -s 102 -f HD

# Wants PDF only (no video)
./wwdc-dl -s 102 --pdfonly

# Download all
./wwdc-dl -a --pdfonly

# For some reason you don't want PDF
./wwdc-dl -s 102 --nopdf

# For other years
./wwdc-dl -s 102 -y 2014

# Specific the directory to save in
./wwdc-dl -s 102 -d /Volumes/AwesomeDrive/

# Always download using youtube-dl
./wwdc-dl -s 102 --youtubedl


This script is written in Playground environment, for convenience.

If you are developing, edit in Playground, then run ./