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PHP Weather class
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PHP Weather Class

Weather class: is a powerful,easy and expendable PHP class !

It's very easy to configure , and it comes with Multi themes ! Also it contains forecast for next three days just click icon next to city name.

    echo $weather->get_weather(); 

Weather widget: has a Powerful caching system !

========================================= For Online demo please visit Weather class Demo

Default temperature measurement is Celsius, You can change it to Fahrenheit very easy !


Weather widget: support many languages and yet can be extended to support more easily ! Currently supported language by widget and weather API are :(English,Italian,Russian and French) And API Support:

We support the following languages that you can use with the corresponded lang values: English - en, Russian - ru, Italian - it, Spanish - sp, Ukrainian - ua, German - de, Portuguese - pt, Romanian - ro, Polish - pl, Finnish - fi, Dutch - nl, French - fr, Bulgarian - bg, Swedish - se, Chinese Traditional - zh_tw, Chinese Simplified - zh_cn, Turkish - tr

Weather widget: can select city by name ie (Alexandria,EG) or id ie (3645532) or Longitude and Latitude ie(28.666668,77.216667)!


Also you can control it's dimension ! $weather->set_dimention(550,248);

This features is not enough ? Wait , do you know that you can get all of this info as a row PHP array ! And it's ready to be used with CodeIgniter as a library !

============ if you like it help us to continue developing it
Visit our online demo and donate via paypal

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