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A simple overview of EDA (electronic design automation) for technological education
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A simple introduction of EDA modelling (electronic design automation) for educational overview. It is intended for technological courses on EDA, and is intended to serve as a basis for starting an EDA project, in which the students are expected to fill the missing details and add more building blocks. The GUI applications contained in this code are just rough sketches for how to start. Nothing is really finalized. The intention is to let the student get the idea of the python tkinter canvas and text widgets and how they can be used for designing EDA placement and floorplanning systems. It also exhibits object oriented disciplines. The code has been developed as part of several engineering design projects at Ort Braude College, Israel, and hereby is made available for public use.


Note that the code depends on the xcanvas and pytkcon modules. These two modules are available from PyPI:
and are easily installed using:

  1. pip install xcanvas
  2. pip install pytkcon
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