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BookIT Maps

BookIT Maps guides users of the library booking system from to find the location of their bookings through an interactive map. Connects with the backend api to retrieve data.


Demo No longer hosted


  • Install node.js from their website.
  • Once node is installed, use npm to install yarn
    npm install -g yarn


Clone the project

git clone

Move into directory

cd bookit-maps-front

Install dependancies

yarn install

Development build

To serve up local server, run in terminal:

yarn run dev-server

visit localhost:8080 in browser to see it run


Configure location-finder.js to import the correct svg to map. Run the local dev server:

yarn run location-finder

visit localhost:8080 and click on the map to mark a location.

  • Press Z to undo last mark
  • Press Enter to print marked locations to console
  • Copy locations from console to relevant file in locations folder. Provide id's in the form of {$id}:{x:$x, y:$y} eg. 804:{x: 501, y: 531},


Testing done through jest. All test files can be found under src/tests/. To run tests, run in terminal:

yarn test