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Update 04/10/2015

This code has been migrated from

Update 08/20/2009

I have had a lot of people emailing me for support for various modules and integration specific questions. Because of this, I have made a commercial product called, RocketShipIt. It supports all the UPS Online Tools APIs as well as generates the 40+ required files you need to get certified with UPS. With the purchase of the product you also get support and help with any integration questions you might have.


This project was started due to an obvious lack of PHP tools to communicate with the UPS Shipping API. The plan for this project is to create reusable code for use with all of the UPS shipping tools through thier XML API.

This project will eventually cover all of these UPS API tools.

UPS Tracking Tool UPS Signature Tracking UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool UPS Address Validation Tool UPS File Download for Quantum View UPS Shipping Tool UPS Time in Transit Tool UPS Trade Ability

Getting Setup with UPS

  1. Sign up for a UPS Online Tools Developer's Key:
  2. Select to use the "UPS Rates & Service Selection"
  3. If you haven't signed up for a regular UPS account folow the link "Create UPS Account ->"
  4. Skip downloading the information and go right to the "Access Key" section
  5. Enter your Developer's Key (it will be emailed to you)
  6. Viola! You now have all the information needed to use this tool.