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Slack LaTeX

Bot to convert LaTeX code in messages into:



  1. Clone/download this repository.
  2. Install required modules in the project folder with:
    npm install fs
    npm install request
    npm install websocket
  3. Create a secret.txt file in the bot directory and put your slack token in it.
  4. Start bot by running node bot.js or nodejs bot.js


Add the bot to the channel you want to enable SlackLaTeX in. Any message with the following format will be turned into an image when bot is enabled.

  • $\LaTeX code$
  • `$\LaTeX code$`
  • ```$\LaTeX code$```

You can also edit or delete a message and the bot will do the right thing.

In Slack, type ..stopLatex to disable bot and ..startLatex to re-enable bot. This only applies the user and channel that typed this. By default, it will work for all users in every channel the box exists.