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column_box doesn't flow between columns when displaying tables instead of text #7

rnhurt opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Richard Hurt Gregory Brown Brad Ediger
Richard Hurt
rnhurt commented

While trying to work with column_box I found out that plain text works well but tables don't flow properly.

This works fine:

column_box [0,cursor], :width => bounds.width, :columns => 2 do
  text " This is a test " * 100

This just causes the tables to continue in the first column over multiple pages, never flowing into the second column:

column_box [0,cursor], :width => bounds.width, :columns => 2 do
  table data, :headers => headers,
    :header_color => 'C0C0C0',
    :font_size    => 7,
    :border_style => :grid,
    :border_width => 0.5,
    :width        => bounds.width-10
Gregory Brown
sandal commented

Note to self: See if this reduces to the problem of using tables in stretchy bounding boxes...

Brad Ediger

Deferred for 0.7. Here's a failing spec:

describe "A table, in a column box" do

  it "should flow to the next column rather than always the next page" do
    pdf = do
      column_box [0, cursor], :width => bounds.width, :columns => 2 do
        # 35 rows fit on two columns but not one
        table [["data"]] * 35

    pdf.page_count.should == 1


Two issues to fix here:

  • Change @document.start_new_page to @parent_bounds.move_past_bottom so that we just tell the ColumnBox to move to the next column.

  • CellBlock currently draws based on the absolute_left of the page's (outermost) bounds. It should rather draw based on the left_side of the innermost bounds (those enclosing the table), but it has no knowledge of those bounds, only @document. Refactor CellBlock so that it knows the bounds it is drawing into.

Richard Hurt

Did this ever get any love? I'm running 0.7.1 right now and it still looks broken.

Brad Ediger

Make tables work in column boxes. Closed by 53e381d.

This issue was closed.
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