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+// Filename and path of the sqlite db file. The file does not have to exist.
+// The directory does need to exist though, and the directory must be writable.
+define("SQLITE_DB", "/yourdir/pamela/db/pamela.sql");
+// The background color for pamela
+define("PAM_BGCOLOR", "#fff");
+// The image shown in the center of the pamela interface
+#define("PAM_IMAGE", "img/ccc.png");
+#define("PAM_IMAGE", "img/norbert.png");
+#define("PAM_IMAGE", "img/norbert-8bit.png");
+define("PAM_IMAGE", "img/0x20.png");
+// Set to FALSE to prevent the scanner button to be shown
+define("PAM_BUT_SHOW", "TRUE");
+// The text color for the text shown when hovering over the download button
+define("PAM_BUT_COLOR", "#777");
+// Number of seconds a data item remains valid. If it's older it will be removed.
+define("DATA_TTL", "300");
+// Url of the scanner script to download when the user clicks the download button.
+define("PAM_SCANNER_LINK", "scanner/");

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