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Source code for the firmware bundled with node-bbc-microbit
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A collection of example programs using the micro:bit runtime.

The source folder contains a selection of samples demonstrating the capabilities and usage of the runtime APIs. To select a sample, edit the MicroBitSamples.h file in the source folder and uncomment the line matching the sample you wish to use. Please be sure to note that only one sample is selected at a time.


The micro:bit runtime provides an easy to use environment for programming the BBC micro:bit in the C/C++ language, written by Lancaster University. It contains device drivers for all the hardware capabilities of the micro:bit, and also a suite of runtime mechanisms to make programming the micro:bit easier and more flexible. These range from control of the LED matrix display to peer-to-peer radio communication and secure Bluetooth Low Energy services. The micro:bit runtime is proudly built on the ARM mbed and Nordic nrf51 platforms.

In addition to supporting development in C/C++, the runtime is also designed specifically to support higher level languages provided by our partners that target the micro:bit. It is currently used as a support library for all the languages on the BBC website, including Microsoft Block, Microsoft TouchDevelop, Code Kingdoms JavaScript and Micropython languages.


micro:bit runtime docs | microbit-dal | uBit

Build Environments

Build Environment Documentation
ARM mbed online

BBC Community Guidelines

BBC Community Guidelines

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