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Building on Windows #3

oliversalzburg opened this Issue February 04, 2013 · 4 comments

3 participants

Oliver Salzburg Sandeep Mistry Eli Skeggs
Oliver Salzburg

This might be a little confusing, so I thought I'd mention it.

node-blink1 relies on which relies on

node-gyp require Python 2.7.3 and is not compatible with 3.x.x. After installing Python, one has to put C:\Python27 (or whereever it was installed to) to the PATH environment variable.

Sandeep Mistry

Would you like me to add this to the README?

Oliver Salzburg

@sandeepmistry I just wanted to put it somewhere so someone with the same problem might be able to find it :)

If you feel it could be useful in the README, please feel free to include it. Feel free to close the issue :)

Sandeep Mistry sandeepmistry closed this February 07, 2013
Eli Skeggs

To clarify, does Python 2.7.3, or just a recent Python 2.x?

Oliver Salzburg

Can't say for sure, this is just the result of my testing. 2.7.3 should definitively work. If anything higher works, be sure to let us know :)

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