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R18n is an i18n tool to translate your Ruby application into several languages. It contains a core gem and out-of-box wrapper plugins for frameworks or environments (Rails, Sinatra, Merb, desktop).

For more feature descriptions and a tutorial see the r18n-core directory. For special How To see the plugins directory for your environment.

Merb R18n plugin is maintained by teamon:

R18n Features

  • Nice Ruby-style syntax.

  • Filters.

  • Flexible locales.

  • Custom translation loaders.

  • Translation support for any class.

  • Time and number localization.

  • Several user languages support.

Small Example


  edit: Edit user
  name: User name is %1
  count: !!pl
    1: There is 1 user
    n: There are %1 users


t.user.edit         #=> "Edit user"'John') #=> "User name is John"
t.user.count(5)     #=> "There are 5 users"

t.not.exists | 'default' #=> "default"
t.not.exists.translated? #=> false

l         #=> "03/01/2010 18:54"
l, :human #=> "now"
l, :full  #=> "3rd of January, 2010 18:54"