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Full Changelog


Full Changelog


  • Make sure response_code is an integer.
  • When setting an header through vcr or webmock it becomes a Typhoeus::Response::Header.
  • Provide a Rack middleware to decode nested Typhoeus arrays properly. (Dwayne Macgowan, #224)
  • Handled response is available again.
  • Rename parameter url to base_url. See discussion here: #250. (bkimble, #256)
  • Provide O(1) header access.


Full Changelog


  • When checking options in Expecation#matches? also consider Request#options.


  • Do not break backwards compatibility with case insensitive headers access.
  • Make sure hydra behaves correct in case of before hooks.


Full Changelog


  • Do not check the return_code in Response#success? when response is mocked.
  • Check for memoization, stubbing, before hooks are delayed to Hydra#run. It was on Hydra#queue before and led to strange behavior because if the request was stubbed, it was wrapped up in queue already. There was no way to add callbacks after queue thatswhy. This is now different, since everything happens in run, just as you expect.


Full Changelog


  • Downcase header keys for easier access ( #227 )
  • Using an updated Ethon version.


Full Changelog

Major Changes:

  • Ethon integration

    • Params are url params and a body is always a body for every request type
    • The options you can set might have a slightly other names, as Ethon sticks to libcurl names. See for a description.
    • Request parameter and body are properly encoded (only POST multiform body is not)
    • No more header sanitizing. Before: :headers => { 'user_agent' => 'Custom' } was modified to :headers => { 'User-Agent' => 'Custom' }
    • Typhoeus::Easy and Typhoeus::Multi are now Ethon::Easy and Ethon::Multi
  • Request shortcuts: Typhoeus.get("")

  • Global configuration:
Typhoeus.configure do |config|
  config.verbose = true
  config.memoize = true
  • No more Response#headers_hash, instead Response#headers returning the last header and response#redirections returning the responses with headers generated through redirections
  • Instead of defining the same callbacks on every request, you can define global callbacks:
Typhoeus.on_complete { p "yay" }
  • The stubbing interface changed slightly. You now have the same syntax as for requests:
Typhoeus.stub(url, options).and_return(response)
  • The following things were removed because they do not seemed to be used at all. Ping me if you disagree!
    • Typhoeus::Filter
    • Typhoeus::Remote
    • Typhoeus::RemoteMethod
    • Typhoeus::RemoteProxyObject
    • build in cache interface


  • Documentation ( Alex P, #188 )
  • Request#on_complete can hold multiple blocks.
  • Request#eql? recognizes when header/params/body has a different order, but still same keys and values ( Alex P, #194 )

Bug Fixes:


  • A header hotfix


  • Fix verifypeer and verifyhost options
  • Fix header sending


  • Make a GET even when a body is given
  • Deprecated User Agent setter removed
  • Allow cache key basis overwrite (John Crepezzi, #147)
  • FFI integration (Daniel Cavanagh, #151)
  • Refactor upload code (Marnen Laibow-Koser, #152)
  • Fix travis-ci build (Ezekiel Templin, #160)


  • Make sure to call the Easy::failure callback on all non-success http response codes, even invalid ones. [balexis]
  • Use bytesize instead of length to determine Content-Length [dlamacchia]
  • Added SSL version option to Easy/Request [michelbarbosa/dbalatero]


  • Fix array params to be consistent with HTTP spec [gridaphobe]
  • traversal_to_params_hash should use the escape option [itsmeduncan]
  • Fix > 1024 open file descriptors [mschulkind]
  • Fixed a bug with internally queued requests being dropped [mschulkind]
  • Use gemspec in bundler to avoid duplication [mschulkind]
  • Run internally queued requests in FIFO order [mschulkind]
  • Moved Typhoeus::VERSION to a separate file, to fix rake build_native [mschulkind]
  • Fixed problems related to put requests with empty bodies [skaes, GH-84]
  • Added CURLOPT_INTERFACE option via Request#interface=. [spiegela]
  • Added Tempfile support to Form#process! [richievos]
  • Hydra won't forget to accept gzip/deflate encoding [codesnik]
  • Accept and convert strings to integers in Typhoeus::Request#initialize for timeout/cache_timeout/connect_timeout values when using ruby 1.9.x. [djnawara]
  • Added interface for registering stub finders [myronmarston]
  • Fixed header stubbing [myronmarston]
  • Added PKCS12 support [jodell]
  • Make a request with handlers marshallable [bernerdschaefer]
  • Upgraded to RSpec 2 [bernerdschaefer]
  • Fix HTTP status edge-case [balexis]
  • Expose primary_ip to easy object [balexis]


  • Fix form POSTs to only use multipart for file uploads, otherwise use application/x-www-form-urlencoded [dbalatero]


  • Code duplication in Typhoeus::Form led to nested URL param errors on POST only. Fixed [dbalatero]


  • Fixed a problem with nested URL params encoding incorrectly [dbalatero]


  • Added extended proxy support [Zapotek, GH-46]
  • eliminated compile time warnings by using proper type declarations [skaes, GH-54]
  • fixed broken calls to rb_raise [skaes, GH-54]
  • prevent leaking of curl easy handles when exceptions are raised (either from typhoeus itself or user callbacks) [skaes, GH-54]
  • fixed Easy#timed_out? using curl return codes [skaes, GH-54]
  • provide curl return codes and corresponding curl error messages on classes Easy and Request [skaes, GH-54]
  • allow VCR to whitelist hosts in Typhoeus stubbing/mocking [myronmarston, GH-57]
  • added timed_out? documentation, method to Response [dbalatero, GH-34]
  • added abort to Hydra to prematurely stop a [Zapotek]
  • added file upload support for POST requests [jtarchie, GH-59]


  • Fix warning in Request#headers from attr_accessor
  • Params with array values were not parsing into the format that rack expects [GH-39, smartocci]
  • Removed Rack as a dependency [GH-45]
  • Added integration hooks for VCR!


  • Fixed bug in setting compression encoding [morhekil]
  • Exposed authentication control methods through Request interface [morhekil]


  • Exposed CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT_MS to Requests [balexis]


  • Fixed a memory corruption with using CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS [gravis, 32531d0821aecc4]


  • Added SSL cert options for Typhoeus::Easy [GH-25, gravis]
  • Ported SSL cert options to Typhoeus::Request interface [gravis]
  • Added support for any HTTP method (purge for Varnish) [ryana]


  • Added rack as dependency, added dev dependencies to Rakefile [GH-21]