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See what the Scala community shares is a site that surfaces interesting Scala content around the web using's API. Read this blogpost for a more in-depth description of the project.


Since the app is a standard Play app, it is built using SBT. There is one dependency outside of core Play to the play2-reactivemongo extension, which in turns has a transitive dependency on the ReactiveMongo driver.


Currently, this app is deployed on Heroku. However, it is just a plain Play application and can be deployed anywhere. Note that the conf/application.conf takes several configuration values from environment variables. To run the app, create a script that provides the correct values for these parameters. An example:

export MONGOHQ_URL="mongodb://localhost:27017/scalabitz"
export DBNAME=scalabitz
export APP_SECRET='generated secret by Play'
export BITLY_TOKEN=<your bitly secret token>
export TWITTERCKEY=<twitter consumer key>
export TWITTERCSECRET=<twitter consumer secret>
export TWITTERAKEY=<twitter access token>
export TWITTERASECRET=<twitter access token secret>
export USERNAME=<username for the admin section>
export PASSWORD=<password for the admin section>
# publishing interval in minutes
export TIMEOUT=10
play clean-all run 

As can be deduced from the MONGOHQ_URL variable name, the site currently uses a hosted Mongo instance from MongoHQ. However, any valid MongoDB connection string may be provided. Like an instance on localhost in the example above.