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Phing Extensions

These are some useful Phing extensions that I wrote.


A filter to run your JavaScript and CSS assets through the yui-compressor. You need to have yui-compressor installed on your system.

The following example task concatenates all JavaScript files into one file in the build directory and compresses them in the process.

<target name="js-compress">
    <delete file="${project.basedir}/build/js/main.js" />
    <append destFile="${project.basedir}/build/js/main.js">
            <filterreader classname="">
                <param name="type" value="js" />
                <param name="preserve-semi" value="true" />
        <filelist dir="src/js" files="forms.js,validation.js,gallery.js" />

The YuiCompressorFilter supports the following parameters:

  • bin: Path to the yui-compressor.
  • encoding: Set the encoding of the input stream (defaults to utf-8).
  • type: Specifies the type of the input file (js or css).
  • line-break: Insert a line break after the specified column number.
  • verbose: Display informational messages and warnings.
  • nomunge: Minify only, do not obfuscate.
  • preserve-semi: Preserve all semicolons.
  • disable-optimizations: Disable all micro optimizations.