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Spotify preview songs player with React
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mimaflow player

The mimaflow player is a simplified player for Spotify songs. It lets the user search for an artist, track or album and displays the first 20 results. The user has also the possibility to reproduce a 30s preview of each song by clicking on the play button.


The application runs against the Spotify API so, in order to make it run, you need to configure the access to the API for both the application and e2e tests.

App configuration

You must provide the OAuth2 client Id of your Spotify App in the variable REACT_APP_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID declared in the .env.development file. Optionally, you can change the value of the REACT_APP_OAUTH_REDIRECT_URI with the url where your application is running.

Running the application

To run just execute the following command to install all the required dependencies:

$ yarn install

And then just run the following command to start the application:

$ yarn start

You can also run the tests by executing:

$ yarn test

e2e tests

e2e configuration

You must provide your credentials for OAuth2 client_credentials flow, as client_id:client_secret in Base64 format in the variable REACT_APP_OAUTH_CLIENT_CREDENTIALS declared in the cypress/development.json file.

Running e2e tests

$ yarn run cypress open
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