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Write code by simply talking to Atom.
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code-dictation package

An Atom plugin to enable dictating code. It is as easy as:

  1. Get a computer running OS X if you don't have one already.
  2. Enable dictation on your computer.
  3. Install this plugin in Atom by running the command apm install code-dictation.
  4. In your editor enable dictation with Ctrl+Alt+O (Use the same command to turn dictation off).
  5. Enable your Mac's dictation so it listens to your voice (double tap the fn key).
  6. Learn what voice commands are built-in and go nuts.

Below are the voice commands currently supported by this plugin:

  • atom close tab – close the current tab
  • atom new file – open a new, unnamed file in a new tab
  • atom next tab – navigation to the next tab in the current pane
  • atom previous tab – navigate to the previous tab in the current pane
  • atom tab # – navigation to tab x in the current pane (replace x with a number)
  • down – move cursor to beginning of next line
  • go to line x – move cursor to beginning of line x (replace x with a number)
  • line x – move cursor to beginning of line x (replace x with a number)
  • up – move cursor to beginning of previous line

Additional commands exist for the following languages and will automatically be loaded if the file you are working on has the proper grammar set for the file type:


When you say line Apple's dictation may end up hearing wine instead. The rate at which words aren't quite right would make voice commands rather useless if the plugin didn't handle these cases and treat them as if they are the intended word. This plugin does handle these use cases via a like-words dictionary file, which maps supported voice command words to alternatives the speech recognition layer may think it heard. If you find the built-in dictionary doesn't quite cut it for you and the plugin is constantly rejecting your speech you can define your own like-words dictionary in a file at ~/.code-dictation/like-words.json. This should be in the same format as the file mentioned above that is the default dictionary for this project.


One of the arguably more powerful features of this plugin is the ability to on-board your code code snippets. The way this works is you add files to the directory ~/.code-dictation/snippets/ and this plugin will automatically turn those into valid voice commands. The filename should be the words that make up the voice command separating words with hyphens. For example if I want a command that generates the base content for a package.json file (for a Node package), I might want to add a command triggered by node package. All I have to do is add a file named node-package.txt to the location mentioned previously and in it paste the contents of my snippet which may look something like:

  "name": "",
  "description": "",
  "version": "0.0.0",
  "scripts": {},
  "devDependencies": {},
  "dependencies": {}

Then with this plugin running I can simply say snippet node package and the contents above will automatically be pasted into the editor at the current cursor location.

Note: To trigger a snippet command you must say snippet followed by your on-boarded command.

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