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A bash shell script to automatically update a directory containing WordPress files to the latest version available. Can also auto-commit and push to git if necessary.
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demo is a Bash shell script to automatically update a directory containing WordPress files to the latest version that is available for download from the WordPress website.

The script was written to automate the task of manually updating a WordPress install in cases where the automatic installation does not work. I wrote it to dramatically expedite the task of updating WordPress, instead of manually removing directories and files, downloading the tarball from the website, checking the SHA-1 checksum and then carefully copying the files/directories back over.

The script is meant to be run whilst in the directory containing the WordPress files. Put the script somewhere in your PATH, then run it like so:


The script will automatically detect what version is the latest available (from the website), download that if necessary, or else use the copy of WordPress stored in the cache, and it will only update the website if the versions don't match up.


The script will automatically detect if it's running in a git repository. If this is the case, it will use the git rm command to properly record the removal of directories, and then do a git add . at the end.

To save even more time, the script can also auto-commit and push the changes back to a git repository if necessary. For this, the variables GIT_AUTOCOMMIT and GIT_PUSH exist (see the file, immediately after the license). The default value is true, meaning that the script will automatically make a commit with the message:

Updated WordPress to version <version>

and then push the changes to the git repository. Of course, provided that you've correctly configured git to do a simple git push.


It will cache the latest version of WordPress in a directory in your home directory, called $HOME/.update_wordpress_cache, where it will put the latest.tgz file from the WordPress website, the SHA-1 checksum, and also the actual files unpacked in a wordpress directory. This is to prevent the script from re-downloading the files when you have multiple sites you want to update.


The following dependencies are needed to run the software. Please refer to the documentation of your operating system for installation instructions (if required). Most of this software comes pre-installed on GNU/Linux or Unix systems.

  • Bash
  • Perl
  • ncurses (for the colours)
  • git (optional)
  • and the Unix tools grep, awk, curl, wget, tar


The MIT license was used for this script, enclosed in this repository in the LICENSE file.

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