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regxmllib is a collection of tools and libraries for the creation of 
RegXML (SMPTE ST 2001-1) representations of MXF header metadata
(SMPTE ST 377-1). A RegXML Fragment example can be found at [1]

[1] src/test/resources/reference-files

Two implementations of regxmllib are provided:

* regxmllibj, which is implemented in pure Java; and
* regxmllibc, which is implemented in C++03.


regxmllib relies on SMPTE Metadata Registers that conform to SMPTE ST 335, 
ST 395, ST 400, ST 2003. These registers are published at [1].


regxmllib deviates from ST 2001-1:2013 in a few narrow instances. Such deviations 
are noted in the source code and are expected to be submitted for consideration at 
the next revision of ST 2001-1. In particular:
* no baseline metadictionary is used, instead one extension metadictionary per
  namespace is used

Bugs are tracked at [2]




Java 8 language and SDK


(recommended) Git

(recommended) SMPTE Metadata Registers (Types, Elements, Groups and Labels) 

Quick Start

The following outputs to path PATH_TO_FRAGMENT an XML representation
of the header metadata of the MXF file at path PATH_TO_MXF_FILE 

* build the 'jar' target using Maven 'package' goal

* choose one of the following:

    * OPTION 1

        * retrieve the four SMPTE Metadata Registers (see [1] above)
        * build the metadictionaries from the SMPTE registers

            java -cp <PATH_TO_JAR> -e <PATH_TO_ELEMENTS_REG>
    * OPTION 2
        * retrieve metadictionaries from [3]
* generate the RegXML fragment
    run java -cp <PATH_TO_JAR> -all -d <PATH_TO_DICT1> <PATH_TO_DICT2> ...

* (optional) generate XSDs for RegXML Fragments

    run java -cp <PATH_TO_JAR> -d <PATH_TO_DICT1> <PATH_TO_DICT2> ...

* (optional) generate XSDs for SMPTE registers


    where <CLASS_PATH_TO_REGISTER_MODEL> is equal to com.sandflow.smpte.register.catsup.TypesRegisterModel, etc.


At the heart of regxmllib is the FragmentBuilder.fragmentFromTriplet() method
that creates an XML fragment from a KLV group given a
a RegXML metadictionary and a collection of KLV groups from which strong
references are resolved. The rules engine implemented in 
FragmentBuilder.fragmentFromTriplet() is intended to follow the rules specified
in ST 2001-1 as closely as possible. A sister method, XMLSchemaBuilder.fromDictionary(),
creates a matching XML Schema that can be used to validate RegXML fragments.

Metadictionaries can be imported and exported from XML documents that conform
to the schema specified in SMPTE ST 2001-1. They can also be created
from SMPTE Metadata Registers published in XML form.

regxmllib includes a minimal MXF and KLV parser library.


com.sandflow.smpte.klv : Classes for processing SMPTE KLV triplets (ST 336)
com.sandflow.smpte.mxf: Classes for processing SMPTE MXF structures (ST 377-1)

com.sandflow.smpte.register: Classes for processing SMPTE metadata registers
    (ST 335, ST 395, ST 400, ST 2003)
com.sandfow.smpte.regxml: Classes for managing RegXML metadictionaries and
    creating RegXML representations of MXF structures Application-level tools
com.sandfow.smpte.util: Utilities classes


RegXMLDump: dumps either the first essence descriptor or the entire header
            metadata of an MXF file as a RegXML structure
XMLRegistersToDict: converts XML-based SMPTE metadata registers to a RegXML metadictionaries

GenerateXMLSchemaDocuments: generates XSDs for the SMPTE metadata registers
GenerateDictionaryXMLSchema: generate XSDs for RegXML Fragments from the RegXML metadictionaries

Unit Test

Unit testing is performed by generating RegXML fragments from sample files located
at [1] and registers located at [2]. The resulting RegXML fragments are compared
to reference RegXML fragments located at [3].

[1] src/test/mxf-files
[2] src/test/registers
[3] src/test/regxml-files 

Reference RegXML fragments can regenerated by running the package goal with the build-reference-test-files profile:

    mvn package -Pbuild-reference-files

Maven Artifacts

* GroupId        com.sandflow
* ArtifactId     regxmllib

Snapshots are deployed at

Releases are deployed at the central repository



C++03 toolchain

Metadictionaries generated by regxmllibj (see _Building Metadictionaries_ above)

Xerces-C++ Version 3.1.4 (or above) [1]

(recommended) CMake



regxmllibc generally follows the architecture and idioms of regxmllibj.

Applications will typically call FragmentBuilder::fromTriplet() or
MXFFragmentBuilder::fromInputStream(), and the unit test at [1] provides an example.

[1] src/test/cpp/com/sandflow/smpte/dict/MetaDictionaryTest.cpp

regxmllibc does not however support the conversion of the SMPTE Metadata Registers to
RegXML metadictionaries, and instead relies on the metadictionaries generated by
regxmllibj (see _Building Metadictionaries_ above).

Unit Test

As with regxmllibj, unit testing is performed by generating RegXML fragments from sample files located
at [1] and reference metadictionaries located at [2]. The resulting RegXML fragments are compared
to reference RegXML fragments located at [3].

[1] src/test/mxf-files
[2] src/test/regxml-dicts
[3] src/test/regxml-files 


build.xml                   Helper script (Ant)

pom.xml                     Maven POM file

CMakeLists.txt              CMake build file

target                      Output of the Maven build process, including the JAR
src/java                    regxmllibj codebase

src/cpp                     regxmllibc codebase

                            Template Java properties file used to host the 
                            a unique source code version generated using
                            git by the build system

                            Common XML Schema definitions used when generating
                            XML Schemas for RegXML Fragments
                            Reference RegXML fragment used for unit testing

                            Reference SMPTE registers used for unit testing

                            Sample MXF files used for unit testing  

                            Reference metadictionaries used for unit testing