Access a Piwik API from node.js
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This a node.js module to access a Piwik API.


npm install piwik-client


var PiwikClient = require('piwik-client');
var myClient = new PiwikClient('https://example.tld/index.php', 'abcd1234' )

  method:   'Actions.getPageUrls',
  idSite:   1,
  period:   'day',
  date:     'today'
}, function (err, responseObject) {
	//Code etc etc

new PiwikClient(baseUrl, [token]) - Returns a new PiwikClient

  • baseURL - required - The URL to your Piwik installation. Both HTTP and HTTPS are supported.
  • token - optional - Your API access token. Either set token or include token_auth in the baseURL.

PiwikClient#api({options}, callback) - Gets or sets data. Check out the Piwik API Reference for methods.

  • options.method - required - The method you want to call.
  • options.everything-else - optional - Dependent on the method your calling
  • callback - required - Will be called upon error or successful call, first arg is null unless there was an error, second contains parsed JSON response from piwik.