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Plan 9 Acme Inspired Editor, done in Scala.
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Plan 9 Acme Inspired Editor, done in Scala.

Used Scala 2.11.6 and Java 1.7.0_67

To build it, go to the root of the source and then,

cd bin
scalac ../*.scala
cd ..
jar cmf MANIFEST.MF dist/z.jar -C bin .

... and you can just copy the files in dist and put it anywhere you want. For example for me, I put it in $HOME/z .

The only 'clean up' I do is just remove all the .class files in bin, and that's it.

The bash script I use to run the editor,

export Z_PATH=$HOME/z
exec scala $Z_PATH/z.jar $*

How to use it is documented in the Z Help Screen.

The wiki has some guides on usage.

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