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This is experimental code.  I'm not particularly proud of it; I just
wanted to see something working, and didn't have a lot of time.

This code implements

In particular, the encoder and the decode were written at different
times, in different styles.  They should be merged into one module,
with common bits factored out!

Try it:

# translate BLD example 8 into Turtle
python < test/bld-8.xml > out-bld-8.ttl

# extract the RIF document from that Turtle
python out-bld-8.ttl > out-bld-8-loop.xml

# To compare, ignoring whitespace, etc
python < out-bld-8.xml > out-bld-8-loop.xdump
python < test/bld-8.xml > out-bld-8.xdump
diff out-bld-8-loop.xdump out-bld-8.xdump

(Observe that the xml:base declaration is lost, but that's fine
because in the output the URIs have to be absolute.)