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COMpatible PArticle Discretization and REmap Toolkit


The Compadre Toolkit provides a performance portable solution for the parallel evaluation of computationally dense kernels. The toolkit specifically targets the Generalized Moving Least Squares (GMLS) approach, which requires the inversion of small dense matrices. The result is a set of weights that provide the information needed for remap or entries that constitute the rows of some globally sparse matrix.

This toolkit focuses on the 'on-node' aspects of meshless PDE solution and remap, namely the parallel construction of small dense matrices and their inversion. What it does not provide is the tools for managing fields, inverting globally sparse matrices, or neighbor search that requires orchestration over many MPI processes. This toolkit is designed to be easily dropped-in to an existing MPI (or serial) based framework for PDE solution or remap, with minimal dependencies (Kokkos and KokkosKernels).

Generalized Moving Least Squares (GMLS)

A GMLS problem requires the specification of a target functional equation (Compadre::TargetOperation), a reconstruction space equation (Compadre::ReconstructionSpace), and a sampling functional equation (Compadre::SamplingFunctional).

The Compadre Toolkit is designed to efficiently assemble, factorize, and solve large batches of minimization problems having the form:


Wiki Information

Details about building and using the Compadre toolkit can be found on the Wiki.

Recent Changes

Recent Changes


Installation of Kokkos and KokkosKernels [Either automatically configured and built, or user installation location provided]

Installation of Compadre

Documentation and Tutorials

The toolkit is documented by Doxygen. Documentation is available online or can be compiled from source. To compile from source: 1.) install doxygen software on your computer, 2.) execute '>> make doc' after having installed the Compadre Toolkit. HTML and Latex documentation will be generated in the doc/ folder, in-source.

Citing the Software

If you write a paper using results obtained with the help of the Compadre Toolkit, please cite the following reference which is applicable to every version of the Compadre Toolkit:

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If you are using a particular release of the Compadre Toolkit and would like to help others to reproduce your results, please cite that release specifically. A reference to the most recent release is:

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! DOI: 10.11578/dc.20190411.1

Copyright and License

See compadre/COPYRIGHT, compadre/LICENSE, and individual file headers for additional information.


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