A Python module to login to broadlink hotspot automatically.
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A Python module to login to broadlink hotspot automatically. If you have ever found it boring to enter the username and password for broadlink hotspot login page then broadlink-auto-login app can help you. Just specify your username and password in a config file and type broadlink anywhere from your terminal to login to the broadlink hotspot page automatically. This app also supports multiple username and password. If you use multiple accounts to login to broadlink hotspot page, then you can specify all of those usernames and passwords in a single file and this script will try to login each account from top, once the login is successfull, it stops automatically and you can browse internet.


  • broadlink-auto-login can be installed using pip
  • You will need python3 and pip3.
$ sudo pip3 install broadlink_auto_login


  • To start initial setup
$ broadlink --setup
  • To add your account username and passsword to config file. The username and passwords are stored in broadlink_accounts.json file in your home folder.
$ broadlink --add
  • To get your current login status.
$ broadlink --status
  • To logout.
$ broadlink --logout
  • To supply custom username and password from commandline without storing it in config file.
$ broadlink --username YOUR_USERNAME --password YOUR_PASSWORD

Advanced Usage

usage: broadlink [-h] [-sp | -a | -s | -lt] [-u USERNAME] [-p PASSWORD]

Broadlink hotspot auto login command line tool.

optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-sp, --setup Initial setup
-a, --add Add account
-s, --status Show log in status
-lt, --logout Logout user
-u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
 Login using custom username
-p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
 Login using custom password


Feel free to create a Github issue. Also, you are more than welcome to submit a pull request for a bug fix or additional feature.