A python script to receive your Facebook notifications on your mobile via SMS for free.
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Twilio Facebook Notification

A python script to receive your Facebook notifications on your mobile via SMS for free.

How it works

A python script is used to parse the Facebook notification xml feed.

Twilio SMS API is used to send SMS.

The script checks the notifications every 30 seconds.


  1. First login your Facebook account
  2. Visit www.facebook.com/notifications and click the RSS link
  3. From the address bar, note down the values of id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and key=XXXXXXXXXXXXX
  4. Go to the folder where you downloaded the script
  5. Open config.conf file
  6. Substitute the values of user_id with your id and key with your key
  7. Create a trial account at www.twilio.com
  8. Go to www.twilio.com/user/account and Click on Show API Credentials link
  9. Note down your account sid and auth token
  10. Substitute the values of account_sid with your account sid and auth_token with your auth token in the config file
  11. Verify the phone number to which you want to receive SMS
  12. Substitute the values of to_phone and from_phone with your verified phone number


Remember, you must have python3 and pip3 installed.

$ git clone https://github.com/sandipbgt/twilio-fb-notification.git
$ cd twilio-fb-notification
$ virtualenv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ python app.py

How to run

From your terminal type python3 app.py or python app.py depending upon how you have installed python on your system