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RailsTinyMCE - A Rich Text Editor for rails 3

TinyMCE is a javascript rich text editor. It is easy to integrate with blogs, cms, messages and mailers.

Plugin uses jrails(jQuery) and Paperclip plugin for image & media upload support


  • Provides Rich Text Editor
  • Customisable TinyMCE plugins
  • Easy to integrate
  • Supports Image upload & insert
  • Supports Media upload & Youtube embed
  • TODO: Document upload plugin

1. Installation

rails plugin install git://

2. Migrations

rails g tiny_migration

rake db:migrate

2. Install jrails(jquery) plugin using

rails plugin install git://

3. Install dependent plugins(if you did not already)

rake rails_tiny_mce:plugins

Above command will copy paperclip, respond_to_parent, will_paginate plugins to vendor/plugins directory.

  • paperclip git://
  • respond_to_parent git://
  • will_paginate git://

4. In your layout add following lines

<%= javascript_include_tag :defaults %>
<%= javascript_include_tiny_mce_if_used %>
<%= tiny_mce if using_tiny_mce? %>

5. Inside controller class on top add following lines

uses_tiny_mce(:options => AppConfig.default_mce_options, :only => [:new, :edit])

This AppConfig.default_mce_options is in config/initializers/tiny_mce_plus_config.rb, you could change the setting there

6. In your view add class mceEditor to text_area

Then append the following to the text area you want to transform into a TinyMCE editor. :class => :mceEditor

7. Install file lists

rake rails_tiny_mce:install

will install following files:

  |-- controller
    |-- attachments_controller.rb
  |-- helpers
    |-- remote_link_renderer.rb
  |-- models
    |-- print.rb
    |-- video.rb
  |-- views
    |-- attachments
       |-- _show_attachment_list.html.erb
  |-- initializers
    |-- tiny_mce_plus_config.rb
  |-- images
    |-- tiny_mce
  |-- javascripts
    |-- tiny_mce

You may custom the config in tiny_mce_plus_config.rb.

Attention Note:

  • Do not put \<p> \</p> around the textarea.
  • If you are using old will_paginate plugin, change the url_for to url_option in remote_link_renderer.rb
  • If you are using
    gem "will_paginate", "~> 3.0.pre2"
    you need changes in app/helpers/remote_link_renderer.rb class RemoteLinkRenderer < WillPaginate::LinkRenderer to class RemoteLinkRenderer < WillPaginate::ViewHelpers::LinkRenderer

Example use:

  • Create CRUD for post

    rails g scaffold post title:string text:description

  • Run Migrations

    rake db:migrate

  • Add following line to posts_controller.rb

    uses_tiny_mce(:options => AppConfig.default_mce_options, :only => [:new, :edit])

  • Open /views/posts/_form.html.erb

  • Modifiy following line

    <%= f.text_area :description %> to <%= f.text_area :description, :class => :mceEditor %>


  1. How to get image from post body

    Add imagepath method in post model

    def imagepath match = body.match(/img src="(.+)" border/) $1 if match end

And use post.imagepath to get url of image embeded in post content


  1. Sandip Ransing, Josh Software Private Limited
  2. ilake

thats, all

any sugestions? sandip at or sandip at released under the MIT license

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