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firefox click to call script for twinkle using tel protocol (clicktocall using asterisk)
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Twinkle + FF Setup (Click To Call) using telify

On linux machine following settings needs to be done in order to get in browser calling enabled for phone numbers.

Installation setup

  1. Install twinkle setup (Create user profile) and get it working for outgoing and incoming calls
  2. Install telify add-on (can be un-installed once completed with all settings)
  3. Copy wrapper script twinkle_tel) and move it to "/usr/bin" on machine (make sure it has executable permissions)
  4. In Firefox go to "preferences/applications"
  5. Search for "tel" protocol and change value of tel protocol to "/usr/bin/twinkle_tel"

Usage/ Pre-requisites

HTML source code of phone number should like as below

  1. Dialing source code 9860648108

  2. Call disconnect source code Disconnect

thats, all

any sugestions? san2821 at or sandip at released under the MIT license

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