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import network, time, machine, onewire, ds18x20
from machine import Timer
from machine import Pin
print("Program starting...")
wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF) # create station interface # activate the interface
wlan.scan() # scan for access points
wlan.isconnected() # check if the station is connected to an AP
wlan.connect('YOUR_WIFI_NAME', 'YOUR_WIFI_PASSWORD') # connect to an AP
wlan.config('mac') # get the interface's MAC adddress
wlan.ifconfig() # get the interface's IP/netmask/gw/DNS addresses
ow1 = onewire.OneWire(Pin(4)) # create a OneWire D2
ow2 = onewire.OneWire(Pin(5)) # create a OneWire D1
ds1 = ds18x20.DS18X20(ow1)
ds2 = ds18x20.DS18X20(ow2)
roms1 = ds1.scan()
roms2 = ds2.scan()
def sendDataToServer(timer):
import urequests
print("Start sending data")
for rom in roms1:
temp1 = ds1.read_temp(rom)
for rom in roms2:
temp2 = ds2.read_temp(rom)
response = urequests.get(""+str(temp1)+"&temp2="+str(temp2))
print("data sent")
tim = Timer(-1)
tim.init(period=60000, mode=Timer.PERIODIC, callback=sendDataToServer)
print("Program end")
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