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πŸ’‘ Infinideas

Medium Badge Twitter: sandochee

Infinite feed of crowdsourced ideas from Reddit and Twitter.

Explore and keep discovering startup ideas, app ideas or business ideas, every day or even every hour.

Infinideas provides an infinite newsfeed of ideas from different sources. Just keep scrolling!

Current ideas sources:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter

🍎 The AppStore refused our app, so if you want to try on your iphone, clone this and compile it, that's why we kept it open source!

πŸ› οΈ Building and Running iOS Version



  1. Navigate to root directory.
  2. Run flutter packages get
  3. cd ios/ && pod install
  4. Open the Runner.xcworkspace
  5. Build and run the project

☝️ Why this app ?

We like to explore and build new products, but sometimes we don't know what are other people's problems. We were wondering how to get the ideas from people's minds and the closest answer we got was to look for them in social media and the web. That's how we came with this app.

We personally browse Infinideas everyday to check if there are any interesting products to build next, and we are loving it ❀️!

We decided to make Infinideas as a mobile app in Flutter because we like to learn something new with any new product we make πŸ€“ If you are interested in learning Flutter you might want to read our feedback:

πŸ“² Download

🚨 Disclaimer

We did this app very fast to test Flutter for our first time. The code quality is pretty bad, we are aware of that, we are not proud at all because it does not meet our code quality standards πŸ™ˆπŸ˜¬

⭐️ Show your support

Please ⭐️ this repository if this project helped you!

🍺 Buy us a beer

If you like this project, feel free to donate:

  • PayPal:
  • Bitcoin: 19JiNZ1LkMaz57tewqJaTg2hQWH4RgW4Yp
  • Ethereum: 0xded81fa4624e05339924355fe3504ba9587d5419
  • Monero: 43jqzMquW2q989UKSrB2YbeffhmJhbYb2Yxu289bv7pLRh4xVgMKj5yTd52iL6x1dvCYs9ERg5biHYxMjGkpSTs6S2jMyJn
  • Motive: MOTIV-25T5-SD65-V7LJ-BBWRD (Get Motive Now: