A web design checklist to make the most beautiful designs!
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A web design checklist to make the most beautiful designs!

I made this checklist based on my learning and researches, read more about how I made it here: https://medium.com/learning-lab/4-how-i-learnt-how-to-steal-like-an-artist-in-a-month-and-designed-built-my-new-companys-c5c68ffcf251

Every time I need to make a design I copy paste this checklist and I follow it in this order.

  • Define the architecture of the information of your website (pure content)
  • Collect inspiration (Dribbble, Awwwards, and favorites sites)
  • Make a shortlist and understand what works well on those inspiration
  • Make a wireframe (on paper)
  • Design the website in grayscale first (you can use your favorite design tool)
  • Select fonts (2 is a good number)
  • Design the logo
  • Define the color palette (it should fit the logo)
  • Improve your design implementing the font, colors, and logo
  • Define animations to implement (you can design them if they are complexe using a software otherwise just keep them in mind, or draw them on paper)