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Rhizomatic is a space for community discourse, where publications by contributors act as points of departure for ideas and conversations. Rhizomatic aims to provide a space for community-generated discourse through creative action. Each Rhizomatic community defines itself, and the structures they function within, encouraging conversation through expression.

Contributors create publications within topic-specific Rhizomatic instances and build discourse(s) organically through activity. The publications are created and hosted on and can be composed of markdown documents, single media uploads, or mixed-media collages. Each publication invites responses, a discourse emerges from the process of openly expressing ideas.

Rhizomatic is a place where new communities can form, or existing ones can initiate a creative discussion environment.


please log any issues you might find and pull requests are very welcome, thank you!


  • node
  • npm
  • mongodb


npm install


npm start // server runs by default on localhost:3000
npm run dev // this runs webpack-dev-server at localhost:8080 and ports via proxy to mongodb


npm run build // compile assets for production