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0.3.4 (master)
* BACKWORDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: Timestamps are now optional. To use them add timestamps! to your model.
* BACKWORDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: Associations keys are no longer created automatically when you use belongs_to and many. Too much was hidden from the developer. You now have to declare them like key :creator_id, String and such.
0.3.3 8/16/2009
* BACKWORDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: _id is now once again a string rather than an object id and will stay that way.
* Custom id's can now be used because of the change to string id's
* Added dynamic finders to document. (dcu)
* Added destroy_all, delete_all and nullify for many document association
* Added :dependent option for many documents assocation (dcu)
* update_attributes now returns true or false instead of the document. (Durran Jordan and me)
* Keys no longer require a type
* Keys can now be added on the fly using []=
0.3.2 8/6/2009
* Added many polymorphic documents association
* Implemented build and create for many and many polymorphic documents
* <<, push and concat now work correctly for many and many polymorphic documents
* find(:first) now accepts order option
* id is now included by default with to_json
* _id is now always excluded from to_json
* Times are now always returned as UTC
* Default values are now a bit more intelligent for Array and Hash keys (djsun)
* Embedded documents now have _id as well so they can be identified more easily
0.3.1 7/28/2009
* 1 minor tweak
* Removed deep_merge gem as dependency as ActiveSupport has deep_merge that works good enough
0.3.0 7/28/2009
* 5 major additions, 3 minor additions, 3 bug fix, and other miscellany
* BACKWORDS COMPATIBILITY BREAK: _id is now stored in binary form (recommended by mongodb team) instead of string, api is the same everywhere as before but data stored with string id's previous to change will need to be updated
* Added Document#paginate which works just like find but adds pagination (dcu did basics and I pimped)
* Added a basic console for playing around with MongoMapper (dcu)
* Embedded associations can now be deeply nested (Keith Hanson)
* Added support for many polymorphic documents (Felipe Coury and Me)
* Fixed bug where conditions that disallowed using $in, $all and $any with an array
* Bumped version of validatable so :if validation option supports symbol/string to proc.
* Document#create with no attributes now creates a document as long as it is valid
* Now defining accessor methods when key is declared rather than using method missing and all that jazz
* Attributes now have boolean methods that return true or false based on whether they have value present
* Added scoped finds and pagination on many document association.
* find first and last now use natural order which is more reliable.
* Updated to latest ruby driver (0.10.1)
0.2.0 7/7/2009
* 2 major additions (observers, associations), several minor additions, and a few bug fixes
* Added observers
* many now supports embedded docs or docs in another collection (dcu on github)
* added belongs_to association (dcu)
* added validates_uniqueness_of (dcu)
* added :unique key shortcut to add validates_uniqueness_of automatically
* now tracking descendants of document (dcu)
* added validates_exclusion_of and validates_inclusion_of
* Bumped required version of validatable for callback fixes
* More thorough use of converting find conditions and options to mongo speak
* #attributes= no longer bombs when given nil
0.1.2 7/3/2009
* 2 minor changes
* Straightened out callbacks and added validate, validate_on_create and validate_on_update.
* Attributes passed into attributes= now call writer methods if they exist. This is mostly for virtual attributes.
0.1.1 6/28/2009
* 1 minor change
* bumped ruby driver to 0.9 and removed hacks I had in while waiting for it
0.1.0 6/26/2009
* Initial release