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greis commented Mar 27, 2012

Added an option to auto rerun failures locally:

specjour -r

This is good for projects with a lot of random failures.


sandro commented Mar 27, 2012

Good idea. It looks like you're having the printer rerun the failing tests, but I don't believe that's the printer's responsibility. I've thought of adding this feature myself wherein I envisioned the failing tests being redistributed among the workers. The worker would need to tell the printer to add a failing test to a rerun list. The tricky part is making sure that a test is only rerun once. What do you think?

greis commented Mar 28, 2012

One of the reasons for random failures, is that the machine is under high load and the tests sometimes start to get timeout. If we rerun the failures within the workers we could have random failures again. That's why the printer was running the tests locally. But you are right, it is not the printer's responsibility to rerun the failures. I will rework on your suggestion to make the workers run the failures again.

@greis Gabriel Reis and Travis Anderson Option to rerun failures 7030cec

greis commented Mar 28, 2012

I made the changes, what do you think? https://github.com/greis/specjour/tree/rerun

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