How to debug

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First step

Open 2 terminal windows.

The -l log option allows you to see debug messages.

In the first one, launch a listener with log options. It allows you to see output from the listener.

specjour listen -l

In the second one, launch specjour :

specjour -l

Command line

From MacOS

You can use this in a command line window to see the list of listeners :

dns-sd -B _druby

If you need to know the ip from command line, you can follow this :

  • dns-sd -B _druby._tcp local
  • Take a line from Instance Name, then :
  • dns-sd -L specjour_manager_YourProjectName_XXXX _druby._tcp local
  • After the can be reached at, you can find the hostname. With this :
  • dns-sd -G v4v6 HostName


From Gentoo

You can use avahi-browse -a

Bonjour Browser

You can use this soft to see if the bonjour service is running on your machine :

In the list, you will see a line named "_druby._tcp", and there you'll find the list of listening specjour listener.