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pierreozoux add nsswitch.conf 6a5259d
pierreozoux add log and listen for the first step to debug 453963d
pierreozoux add gentoo 76b11f2
pierreozoux removed personnal data a73b33d
pierreozoux change a bit specjour.start and add specjour.stop 2d329d5
pierreozoux format f80c535
pierreozoux added the way to find IP f069695
pierreozoux Updated Add specjour listen to your boot (markdown) 82b1507
pierreozoux creation b018af1
pierreozoux creation 04c2010
pierreozoux Created How to debug (markdown) 094caa4
pierreozoux boot sequence page, Jenkins and debug 62aa5e4
pierreozoux xprop was not needed e92e030
pierreozoux distinction between install and boot sequence c5e83f0
pierreozoux Add Gentoo how to. ae714ae
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) 8b740e6
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) 0ae3595
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) ade0154
@sandro sandro bundle exec note. 5f2702c
@josephlord josephlord Added information about package dependency on Ubuntu. e8663c0
@sandro sandro Remove note regarding RSpec 1 36281b8
@sandro sandro Make thin shut down with exit handlers. f2cd4e2
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) 361c78c
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) ea12f23
@AndrewRadev AndrewRadev Updated Running specjour on Linux (markdown) 93de75d
@AndrewRadev AndrewRadev Updated Home (textile) 6ec2bbf
@AndrewRadev AndrewRadev Created Running specjour on Linux (markdown) 9ff76a8
@AndrewRadev AndrewRadev Updated Home (textile) 03ce546
@hashrocketeer hashrocketeer Capybara unique port Updated Gotchas (markdown) b0feed9
@sandro sandro Updated Gotchas (markdown) fe586d2
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