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Srk.BetaseriesApi, the .NET wrapper to the API!

This project started on CodePlex. The codebase has a new home here.


This code might still work. The API v1 is still up.

EN: In this branch: the code targets the v1 API which is not active anymore.
FR: Dans cette branche: le code vise l'API v1 qui n'est plus active.

There is a branch with work in progress for the new API.

What's this?

This is a Microsoft .NET library that permits you to use the API with minimum code.

It uses the betaseries v1 API which will close on 30/04/2014.

There is a nice amount of work necessary to implement the v2 API.

// Because you will need multiple api client instances, you can configure them this way
BetaseriesClientFactory.Default = 
  new BetaseriesClientFactory("betaseriesapikey", "MyBetaApplication/", true);

// Then anywhere you can get a client like this
IBetaseriesSyncAsyncApi client = 
// Simple instanciation is also available
IBetaseriesSyncAsyncApi client = 
  new BetaseriesXmlClient("betaseriesapikey", "MyBetaApplication/");

// authenticate user?
client.Authenticate("username", "password");

// searching for shows?
var shows = client.SearchShows("stargate");

// you also have async methods
client.GetShowEnded += (sender, args) => {
    if (args.Success) {
        var myShow = args.Data;
    } else {

This library is available for:

  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 assembly (we use LINQ to XML, so 3.5)
  • Silverlight 4
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Windows Mobile 6


This work is licensed under the LGPL v2.1.

Primarily used for software libraries, LGPL requires that derived works be licensed under the same license, but works that only link to it do not fall under this restriction.


Use: there is a use guide.

Develop: you may fork to add/update api calls...


API 1 reference documentation, wiki page for this wrapper

API 2 reference documentation