pullAndZoom.js is a library that zoom the header while an user pull the body of a mobile page
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Pull and Zoom

pullAndZoom.js is a library that zoom the header while pulling a scrollable div, it mimic the behaviour of the profile card of the iOs native Twitter app. A small gif is worth a thousand words:

Chrome on Android

Demo on Android Chrome

Safari on iOs7

Demo on iPhone

Getting Started

The library requires iScroll to work properly on Chrome; on iOs it uses the native scroll. If the browser is not supported everything degrades gracefully to a standard scroll.

To use this library you need to initialize it as follow:

  new pullAndZoom({
    // the wrapper of the scrolling area
    mainPage: document.getElementById('mainpage'),
    // the wrapper of the zooming area
    backgroundImage: document.getElementById('background_image')

Please refer to demo.html and demo.css in this repository for an example of the HTML and CSS structure required by this library.

Working Demo

A working demo is available here: pullAndZoom working demo, you can also use this short URL: bit.ly/tws-demo