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Say hello to Feathers. Light-weight, skinnable, and extensible UI components for mobile and desktop. Feathers puts it all together in one package — along with blazing fast GPU powered graphics (courtesy of Starling Framework) to create a smooth and responsive experience.

Created by Josh Tynjala, Feathers is free and open source. Feathers runs on Starling Framework and the Adobe Flash runtimes, including Adobe AIR on iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS X and Adobe Flash Player in desktop browsers.

Quick Links

Starling Framework Version

Starling Framework commit 30a6b133d5181a5f268fc5a4307c76b71928fa43 (Oct 16, 2012) or newer from Github is required. Starling 1.2 is no longer supported.

In general, the most recent stable version of Starling Framework is required to use Feathers. Sometimes, a Github commit may be required. For complete details, see Which version of Starling Framework is supported? in the Feathers FAQ.

Important Note

Stable builds of Feathers are coming soon. Currently, all APIs remain subject to change, and updating to a new revision can often result in compiler errors caused by modified APIs. If something breaks in your app after you update to the latest revision, and you can't figure out the new way to do what you were doing before, please ask in the Feathers Forum over at the Starling Forums.


  • The components do not have default skins, and often they will display nothing (or possibly throw a runtime error) if no skin is provided. A number of themes are included the Feathers Examples, and they can usually be instantiated with one line of code to skin all standard Feathers components. Many of the example apps use MetalWorksMobileTheme. Give it a try!

  • An Ant build script is included. Add a file called to override the location of the Flex SDK and to override the locations of the required third-party libraries.