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Sandstede Lab

The Sandstede Lab at Brown University


  1. Context_Specific_Network_Generation Context_Specific_Network_Generation Public

    MATLAB 1

  2. Quantifying_Zebrafish_Patterns Quantifying_Zebrafish_Patterns Public

    Code for quantifying spots and stripes using topological data analysis and machine learning

    MATLAB 4 2

  3. Radial-Roll-Patterns Radial-Roll-Patterns Public

    Auto07p code to reproduce computations in [Bramburger et al. SIADS 18 (2019) 1420-1453]

    Jupyter Notebook 2 1

  4. Spiral-Waves-Boundary-Sinks-and-Spectra Spiral-Waves-Boundary-Sinks-and-Spectra Public

    Matlab code to reproduce computations in [Dodson and Sandstede (2019)].

    MATLAB 1

  5. Spiral-Waves-Linear-Nonlinear-Theory Spiral-Waves-Linear-Nonlinear-Theory Public

    EZ-Spiral and Matlab code to reproduce computations in [Sandstede & Scheel (2023)].

    MATLAB 2

  6. Auto07p Auto07p Public

    References, installation guide, and tutorial on "spatial pattern formation"

    Fortran 6 5


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