Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite. It's implemented as a security-hardened web app package manager.
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kentonv Modernize test suite.
The ancient version of Selenium we were using no longer works with the version of Firefox ESR on Debian Sid. Newer Seleniums no longer build-in Firefox support but rather require separately-installed drivers. Nightwatch also needed to be updated to work with newer Selenium. I switched to installing Selenium via npm as this seems more convenient.

For Firefox, the driver is `geckodriver`, but Nightwatch has a bug where its switchWindow() function doesn't work with `geckodriver`. The latest beta version of Nightwatch fixes this bug but seems to intorduce some other bugs. Instead, I switched to running the tests in Chrome.

Various tests needed updates to work correctly on the new version.
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deps make update-deps Sep 22, 2018
docs Merge pull request #3073 from ocdtrekkie/patch-4 Jul 1, 2018
hack Find a different place to cache the sandstorm-171 bundle Aug 11, 2016
icons New add credit and email icons, revised email and credit icons Aug 19, 2016
installer-tests installer-tests: Fix CentOS base box creation Oct 20, 2016
keys Update release certificate. Sep 2, 2018
roadmap Update roadmap for identity refactor. Aug 27, 2017
shell meteor update Sep 22, 2018
src Unauthenticated API host should serve with access-control-allow-origi… Sep 22, 2018
tests Modernize test suite. Sep 22, 2018
.dockerignore Remove `shell-build` from Dockerfile build process Apr 7, 2015
.gitignore Make sure deps/llvm-build is deleted on make clean, and .gitignored. Mar 11, 2018
.gitmodules Automatically download up-to-date Clang from Chromium project. Mar 11, 2018 Update changelog for v0.239. Sep 22, 2018 Fix a couple typos (primarily "Enabled" in login provider screen) Feb 19, 2018
LICENSE Remove some now-obsolete mentions of 'es6-promise'. Aug 11, 2016
Makefile Enable more debugging to track down production crashes. Apr 16, 2018 Add contributing instructions. Feb 5, 2017
Vagrantfile Fix Vagrantfile bitrot. Feb 26, 2018
branch.conf Intsaller script, release scripts, and various auto-updater tweaks. Apr 19, 2014 Cache output of Jan 9, 2017 Fix syntax. Sep 22, 2018
localedata-C use a locale category that works on glibc 2.24 Aug 5, 2016 Fix blackrock build. Mar 3, 2018
meteor-bundle-main.js Remove mildly-embarassing debug logging. Apr 15, 2018
mkdocs.yml Document how to run Sandstorm offline. Jul 29, 2017 Allow suffixes on release titles in changelog. Jan 25, 2016
sandstorm-qr.png License, readme... Jan 8, 2014


Sandstorm is a self-hostable web productivity suite. It's implemented as a security-hardened web app package manager. Sandstorm makes it easy to run your own server.

Use Sandstorm to install apps to create documents, spreadsheets, blogs, git repos, task lists, and more as easily as you'd install apps on your phone.

Sandstorm is open source and can be installed on any x86-64 Linux system.


See installation instructions in the Sandstorm documentation.

Using Sandstorm

See the overview in the Sandstorm documentation.

How It Works

See how it works and security practices in the Sandstorm documentation.

How to Package Apps

See the developer hub in the Sandstorm documentation.


Want to help? Check out Also see our community page or get on our discussion group and let us know!