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How to view these docs

How to edit these docs

Run the following.

cd ~/projects/sandstorm
virtualenv tmp/docs-virtualenv
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/pip install mkdocs
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/pip install markdown-inline-graphviz
# Get an unreleased version of mkdocs because we need the readthedocs theme 'Searching...' fix
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/pip install --upgrade git+
# Get "dot" so we can render inline dot/graphviz
sudo apt-get install -y graphviz
tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin/mkdocs serve

Then visit http://localhost:8000/

How to add images to the docs

In quick bullet points:

  • You can add images to the docs.

  • Look for examples of Markdown image syntax. For example, docs/administering/

  • Set the IMG SRC to point at whatever URL you like, preferably a Sandstorm static publishing URL that you own.

  • When your pull request gets merged, @paulproteus will copy them to a Davros grain he controls on

The reason for all this is that images can bloat a git repository a lot, so for now, we don't store the images the main Sandstorm git repo.

How to deploy to

  • Ask Asheesh to share a particular GitWeb Pages grain with you. It's located on

  • Do a git clone of that repository into a directory, like:

git clone tmp/sandstorm-docs
  • Run to re-generate the docs, then commit them to this git repo.
PATH=$PATH:$PWD/tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin bash docs/ -d tmp/sandstorm-docs
  • Run with the -p flag to actually push them to the live site.
PATH=$PATH:$PWD/tmp/docs-virtualenv/bin bash docs/ -d tmp/sandstorm-docs -p