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Hi there! This page will help you find your way as you become a deeper part of the Sandstorm community.

First of all, stay up to date by getting on the announcements mailing list and following @SandstormIO on Twitter. You can show support by starring the project on GitHub or follow these Facebook and Google+ pages. To stay on top of the software as it changes, join sandstorm-dev.

Help others by joining the IRC chat room (#sandstorm on freenode) and listening for questions you can answer. Anyone who’s excited about Sandstorm can follow along. You can read the chat archives to find out what folks were saying before you joined.

If you notice a common question give it a new page in the Sandstorm Wiki. You can also get notifications of wiki updates.

Package an open source app that you enjoy running on your own server so that you can move one of the apps on your own server to Sandstorm. The Packaging Guide will get you started, and there are lots of helpful folks on IRC.

If you've ported an app you should put it on the App Market! Eventually, the App Market will be self-serve, but until then, submit a pull request like this one, or email to be added.

Organize a Sandstorm meetup group if you'd like to meet other Sandstorm app authors, users, or fans. Join an existing meetup group or captain your own.

Give a talk about your Sandstorm app at a local meetup for your language, like a Python or Meteor or Rails group -- they’d love to hear about it. We’ll help you prepare for the talk and send out some goodies to give out if you like. Get in touch!

If you want to give a talk about Sandstorm itself submit a talk to a Linux Users Group or an open source conference! We’ll be happy to help out with content, feedback, and sandcats to share with the audience. Send us a Tweet!

  • Be sure to add your your talk to this wiki for other speakers in the community to learn from.

To contribute bug reports, patches, design ideas, documentation, and pull requests check out the GitHub repository!

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