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Packaging tool for Sandstorm
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vagrant-spk is a tool designed to help app developers package apps for Sandstorm.

Example usage:

git clone git://
git clone git://
export PATH=$(pwd)/vagrant-spk:$PATH
cd php-app-to-package-for-sandstorm
vagrant-spk setupvm lemp
vagrant-spk vm up
vagrant-spk init
# edit .sandstorm/sandstorm-pkgdef.capnp in your editor of choice
vagrant-spk dev
# visit in a web browser
# log in as Alice, the admin account
# launch an instance of the example app, play around with it
# then, press Ctrl-C to stop the tracing vagrant-spk dev
vagrant-spk pack example.spk
# You now have an .spk file.  Yay!
# Verify it works by going to,
# select "My Files" -> "Upload an app", select your .spk file,
# upload it, install it, and create a new instance of your app.

What the files are for

vagrant-spk will create a .sandstorm/ folder in your repo and set up some files with some defaults for your app stack. You will likely need to modify some of these to adapt their behavior to make the most sense for your app.

See the vagrant-spk docs on customizing your package for full details.

Example apps

See the example app listing in the vagrant-spk documentation.

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